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Poe 1959, Pt. 1

(Continued from Poe 1958, Pt. 4)

MAD  46
High Flown Balloons Dept.:  "THE RAVEN"

Incredibly-- 5 years after Harvey Kurtzman tackled "THE RAVEN" in EC's
MAD #9 (Feb'Mar'54), Frank Jacobs tackled it AGAIN in MAD #46 (Apr'59).

In fact, I have found no less than 5 different versions of 'THE RAVEN" in EC's MAD over the years.  And if you read all the way through this project, you will see ALL of them!  And more...

The artist this time is one of the greatest artists in the history of the medium.  What, you think I'm making this up?  NOT A BIT OF IT!  The artist in question is WALLACE WOOD, whose work appeared in pretty much every issue of EC's MAD from its very beginning until sometime in the early 60s --when some unspeakable thing occured between him and editor Albert B. Feldstein, which we will-- uncharacteristically enough-- NOT be discussing here at extreme and grotesque length.  Just take my word for it, SEE?  Nyah.

Of course, by this time, EC's MAD had evolved from a regular-sized color comic to a B&W magazine format.  But-- you KNEW that-- didn't you?  (PLEASE tell me you knew that!  No, it can't possibly be that anybody didn't knew that-- er, KNOW that!)

And for those who are keeping count.... this was EC's 9th foray into POE.

So much for the hyperbole (or is that metaphor?).
As Stan Freberg once said...
     "And now, ON widda da SHOW!"

MAD  46
cover by KELLY FREAS   (EC  /  April 1959)
"THE RAVEN"  /  Version 7
Adaptation by Frank Jacobs  /  Art by WALLACE WOOD
cover by KELLY FREAS   (EC  /  Fall 1981)
Copyright (C) EC.

Scans of MAD #46 interior supplied by "Pappy"
     with special thanks!
All other scans from the GCD site.

Restorations by Henry R. Kujawa

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(Continued from Poe 1960, Pt. 1)

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