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Poe 1960, Pt. 1

(Continued from Poe 1959, Pt. 1)

MAD  55
Poe-Etic Injustice Dept:  "THE RAVEN"

So like, everybody remember that Harvey Kurtzman dude?  He split at one point, and Albert B. Feldstein stepped into the breach.  This was shortly after William Gaines decided to give the entire rest of the comic-book industry, who had corrupted the Comics Code to put him out of business, THE FINGER.
He transformed his highly-successful color comic, MAD, into an EVEN MORE highly-successful B&W magazine.  Excempt from the Code, it sold among the magazines.  And like, MAN-- it SOLD.

So it was that 6 years after MAD (the color comic) tackled Poe's...

     "THE RAVEN"

...MAD (the B&W magazine) decided to do it... AGAIN.  Wow.  But while Harvey Kurtzman kept every word of Poe's poem intact, and simply went wild with the pictures, writer Paul Laikin went completely off his head with the wordage.  Can you dig it?  Well, you'll have to... and groove on Mort Drucker's art while you're at it.  Mmm.

Hey.  Special thanks right now to "Pappy", without whom I might never have had a chance to read this myself.  What a guy!

Finally, a special note to the purists out there.  When published in the magazine, the first 4 pages were presented as 2-page spreads, requiring you to read across the top and then the bottom of both pages in sequence.  Obliviously, this would not work on this blog.  The pages, therefore, have been RE-FORMATTED to fit my screen.  If you have problems with your screen, well, that's not my problem.  ENJOY!

P.S.:  I really like the mouse!

MAD  55
cover by KELLY FREAS   (EC  /  June 1960)
"THE RAVEN"  /  Version 8
Adaptation by Paul Laikin  /  Art by MORT DRUCKER  /  Page 44
Page 45
Page 46
Page 47
Page 48
Copyright (C) Entertaining Comics (EC).

Scan of MAD #55 from the GCD site
Scans of MAD #55 interiors from "Pappy"

Restorations by Henry R. Kujawa

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