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Poe 1951, Pt. 1

(Continued from Poe 1950)


EC (Entertaining Comics) remains one of the most famous-- or infamous, depending on your point of view-- comics publishers of the 1950s.  During a period where a virtual witch-hunt erupted over violence in "children's" literature, they were at the center of it.  The Comics Code Authority-- a self-governing industry organization put together by several of the bigger publishers, while allegedly aimed at "cleaning up" the image of comics in general, in many ways was instead designed specifically to put EC-- their biggest competitor-- out of business!  This kind of behavior and attitude never fails to get me incensed in the extreme.

Aside from THE HAUNT OF FEAR, THE VAULT OF HORROR and TALES FROM THE CRYPT, their 3 "horror" books, the latter 2 of which had feature films based on them in the early-1970s, was CRIME SUSPENSTORIES, their own foray into the "violent crime" category.  It was actually the cover of one issue of CSS that caught the most hell when it was used as evidence of how "depraved" the company's output was.

Here we have another example of a classic story "freely" adapted.  The source material is plainly obvious, but many changes have been made.  This kind of thing can alternatively be a matter of frustration for "purists", or a joy to those who are able to enjoy a finished work on its own terms.

I'm including a link to another blog which takes a look at the
changes made to the story, which started life as an adaptation of  Poe's...


cover by JOHNNY CRAIG   (EC  /  February-March 1951)
     (adapted from "THE CASK OF AMONTILLADO")  /  Version 1
Adaptation by Albert B. Feldstein  /  Art by GRAHAM INGELS  /  Page 16
Page 17
Page 18
Page 19
Page 20
Page 21
Page 22
I find it interesting that, as "depraved" as so many were convinced EC Comics were, that writer Al Feldstein felt compelled to not let the murderer get away with his crime, as he did in the original Poe story.  14 years later, Archie Goodwin did the same thing.  The reach of the Motion Picture Production Code, and the Comics Code, was far, and insidious.

In the 1990s, many of the ECs were reprinted by Russ Cochran...

cover by JOHNNY CRAIG   (Russ Cochran  /  May 1993)
Copyright (C) the various publishers.

Scan of CRIME SUSPENSETORIES #3 from the Heritage Auctions site
Scan of CRIME SUSPENSTORIES #3 interiors from "Pappy"
Scan of CRIME SUSPENSTORIES #3 reprint cover
     from Dr. K's 100 Super Spectacular Pages blog

Restorations by Henry R. Kujawa
Special thanks to "Pappy"!!!

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