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Poe 1954, Pt. 4

(Continued from Poe 1954, Pt. 3)


St. John Publications was a small publisher that was notable for several "firsts":  the 1st 3-D comic (THREE DIMENSIONAL COMICS), the 1st movie-comedian tie-in series (ABBOTT AND COSTELLO COMICS), and the 1st graphic novel (IT RHYMES WITH LUST). 2 months after their 1st Poe adaptation, St. John did their 2nd...


     This was the 3rd comics adaptation of this story, following...
Charlton's YELLOWJACKET COMICS #1 (Sep'44), and
EC's THE HAUNT OF FEAR #15 [1] (May-Jun'50),
     ...that one some 4 years earlier.

Unfortunately, once again, I have been unable to find any credits, either for the writer or the artist.  Any info on this score will be most appreciated!

cover by JOE KUBERT   (St. John Publishing  /  April 1954)
"THE BLACK CAT"  /  Version 3
Adaptation & Art by ??  /  Page 9
Page 10
Page 11
Page 12
Page 13
As an aside... I noticed that in the book FRANKENSTEIN, the entire story is told as a flashback by Victor when he reaches the Arctic.  By comparison, the 1957 Hammer Film THE CURSE OF FRANKENSTEIN is also told as a flashback, but by the Baron when he is in a prison cell, awaiting execution for his crimes.  This may well have been borrowed from Poe's "The Black Cat", as I note BOTH comics versions so far have used this framing device!  Compare this photo of Peter Cushing with the 1st panel in the above comics adaptation.
According to Peter Hansen at the GCD site, "Cartoon Art was a company from Glasgow, Scotland [...] With artists like Crewe Davies, Denis M. Reader, producing sci-fi type comics like Super Duper, and Whizzer and a comic called Marsman Comics drawn by Paddy Brennan before he joined DC Thomson. In 1950 they reprinted a collection of Star Pirate strips in a one off."

And, according to Frank Motler (also at the GCD), "The magnificent, Cartoon Art published the Spellbound Magazine which reprinted, among others, St. John's Nightmare #12 from 1954, it may well have been their last shot."

This seems to be a VERY obscure magazine, as its listing at the GCD is so far the ONLY place I've found it online at all.  At any rate, this version of "The Black Cat" was reprinted a few months after its original appearance.

cover by ??   (Cartoon Art  /  UK  /  1954)
cover by ??   (Editora La Selva  /  Brazil  /  1960)
cover by THOMAS WASSMANN   (Editora Cunha  /  Brazil  /  1979?)
cover by MIGUEL PENTEADO   (Editora Cunha  /  Brazil  /  1980)
cover by NORMAN SAUNDERS   (Gwandanaland Comics  /  June 14, 2017)
Copyright (C) the various artists & publishers.

Scans of NIGHTMARE #12 from the Comic Book Plus site.
     Special thanks to "Cimmerian32".
Scan of HISTORIAS DE TERROR #2 (1960) from the Guia Dos Quadrinhos site.
Scan of SPELLBOUND magazine from the GCD site.
Scan of TERROR NEGRO #1 from the Guia Dos Quadrinhos site.
Scan of ALMANAQUE TERROR NEGRO #1 from the Bartolomeu777 blog.
Scan of THE COMPLETE NIGHTMARE from the site.

Restorations by Henry R. Kujawa

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