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Poe 1952, Pt. 2

(Continued from Poe 1952, Pt. 1)


Back in November 2014, I first set up a page for this comic, based on information from Trent's Poe Comic List (, which said there was supposed to be a Poe adaptation in Marvel's SPELLBOUND #2  (Apr'52).  However, I was unable to find anything confirming that.

On the other hand, a month later, at the Destination Nightmare blog, I found there WAS a Poe adaptation that came out this month-- only it was in a different title, from a different publisher!  So, the page originally meant for this story was changed for the other one.

So... 4 MONTHS later, I suddenly had it confirmed, by "Crash Ryan" (at the Comic Book Plus site, the source of so many of these early stories), that there was indeed a POE story in Marvel's SPELLBOUND #2.

The story in question turned out to be "The End", which is actually an adaptation of...

     "THE PIT AND THE PENDULUM".  (What-- ANOTHER one??)

     This was the 3rd comics adaptation of this story, following...  
Charlton's YELLOWJACKET COMICS #3 (Nov'44) and
Gilberton's CLASSICS ILLUSTRATED #40 (Aug'47).

There would wind up being no less than 3 different versions published in 1952 alone!  And, of course, many more after that.

The art is by Russ Heath, one of the real masters of comics illustration.

However... the problem remains, that this appears to be one of the most ELUSIVE comics this entire project has ever dealt with.  It's taken me this long just to confirm that, yes, there was a POE story in this comic, and what the story was.  But apart from the cover (by Bill Everett), said story has FAILED to turn up anywhere.  Nobody seems to have a copy of it, and as it was published by Marvel, it has NOT fallen into "public domain".  Not only that, but an online search has failed even to turn up anybody who has a copy for sale!!  It's beginning to look like it will just have to wait until Marvel gets around to reprinting SPELLBOUND as part of their ever-growing Masterworks series.  That is, if they ever do.

Marvel Comics (at times in its early history sometimes referred to as Timely or Atlas) was always a 2nd-level publisher-- somewhere in the middle as far as quality was concerned-- whose specialty was flooding the market with imitations of whatever was then currently popular.

At least ONE page has turned up, courtesy of Cully Calloway, who supplied me with a number of Skywald stories from the 1970s.

If anyone out there can supply scans of the other 5 pages (or of all 6, for that matter), it would be most appreciated!

cover by BILL EVERETT   (Marvel  /  April 1952)
     (based on "THE PIT AND THE PENDULUM"/  Version 3
Adaptation by ??  /  Art by RUSS HEATH  /  Page 7
Page 8   (coming soon-- I hope!)
Page 9
Page 10
Page 11
Page 12

Copyright (C) Marvel Comics.

Scan of SPELLBOUND #2 cover from the Heritage Auctions site.
Scan of SPELLBOUND #2 interior supplied by Ernie Laczo
     with special thanks!

Restorations by Henry R. Kujawa

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(Continued in Poe 1952, Pt. 3)

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