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Poe 1953, Pt. 5

(Continued from Poe 1953, Pt. 4)


Youthful was a publisher that specialized in non-superhero titles (horror, westerns, humor, romance).  One of their notable titles was CAPTAIN SCIENCE, which became FANTASTIC, BEWARE, and finally, CHILLING TALES.  Many comics publishers discovered they could save a lot of money in 2nd-class mailing permits by simply changing the name of an existing series while maintaining the numbering.

Youthful's 3rd of 3 POE adaptations appeared in CHILLING TALES #17.  This was the 5th issue under that name, and contained the debut of a story that would be adapted multiple times over the coming years...


In addition, this issue also included "The Tell-Tale Heart"--
as a 2-page text story.  But, since it didn't have even a single illustration accompanying it, I'm not including it here.

As I said last time... isn't it nice to have all these collected in ONE place
     on this blog?

cover by MATT FOX   (Youthful  /  October 1953)
     (adapted from "MANUSCRIPT FOUND IN A BOTTLE")  /  Version 1
Adaptation & Art by "E. ALLGOR"  /  Page 18
Page 19
Page 20
Page 21
Page 22
Page 23
Page 24
Public Domain.

Scans of CHILLING TALES #17 from the Comic Book Plus site.
     Special thanks to "Geo".

Restorations by Henry R. Kujawa

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E. Allgor was one of COUNTLESS artists who never worked again in comics
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(Continued in Poe 1953, Pt. 6)

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