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Poe 1979, Pt. 6

(Continued from Poe 1979, Pt. 5)

     (English translation)

I've been finding more and more foreign POE comics adaptations, many of them that have NEVER been published in America-- or even in English!  I've made it my goal to correct that situation.

Bloch Editores S.A. was a Brazillian publisher from 1952-2000, the creation of Ukrainian emigrant Adolpho Bloch.  Among their magazines was AVENTURAS MACABRAS ("Macabre Adventures"), which started out reprinting Marvel's DRACULA LIVES! and MONSTERS UNLEASHED.

For the 12th issue, they switched content completely to NEW material by local Brazillian artists.  This issue was in the tradition of Warren's CREEPY #69 and #70, in that it contained (mosty) adaptations of Edgar Allan Poe!  When I ran across this book online, I was looking for something else entirely, and was both surprised and utterly delighted to find I'd gotten ahold of virtually an ENTIRE comic of POE material I had not before laid eyes on.

The 3rd of 4 stories here is the somewhat-obscure...


     This was the 7th version of this, following...
Youthful's CHILLING TALES #17 (Oct'53),
Ibero Mundial's MAESTROS DEL TERROR #5 (1970),
Eerie's TALES OF VOODOO v5 #4 (Jun'72),
Skywald's SCREAM #6 (Jun'74), and  
Warren's CREEPY #69 (Feb'75)
     ...the last some 4 years earlier.

At 12 pages, this is the longest version of this story so far,
beating out Warren's by 2 pages.

The artist on this is Jordi Martinez.

The coloring in this comic is quite BOLD and graphic, which is apparently quite popular in Brazil, though I suspect whoever processed these scans cranked the contrast up WAY too high.  I've tried to "tone it down" a bit in my clean-ups, and I hope I haven't lost any of the original intention along the way.

cover by GJOIZ   (Bloch Editores S.A.  /  Brazil  /  1979)
     (MANUSCRIPT FOUND IN A BOTTLE")  /  Version 7
Adaptation & Art by JORDI MARTINEZ  /  Page 20
Page 21
Page 22
Page 23
Page 24
Page 25
The story was interrupted in the magazine by 3 pages of a POE biography.

Page 29
Page 30
Page 31
Page 32
Page 33
Page 34
Copyright (C) Bloch Editores S.A.  &  Jordi Martinez
English Translation (C) 2015 Henry R. Kujawa

Scans of AVENTURAS MACABRAS #12 from the site.

Restorations by Henry R. Kujawa

Special thanks to Toni Rodrigues for identifying the artist!

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(Continued in Poe 1979, Pt. 7)  

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