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Poe 1974, Pt. 7

(Continued from Poe 1974, Pt. 6)


Skywald Publications was the work of Sol Brodsky & Israel Waldman.  While they had a small run of color comics designed to imitate Marvel, their biggest output and claim to fame were their B&W "Horror-Mood" magazines, done very much in the mode of James Warren's CREEPY and EERIE.

Al Hewetson, a writer & editor, soon joined the company and eventually became full editor when Brodsky returned to MarvelHewetson determined to give Skywald's horror line a more "literate" feel than Warren's had, resulting in, among other things, no less than 19 Edgar Allan Poe adaptations between 1972-75.

Here we come to the 9th of these...


Poe had certain obsessions that repeated themselves in several of his stories.  In this case, I know of at least 4 different stories he wrote involving sailing ships, and in EACH one, the ship goes down in a storm. These have included "The Oblong Box", "MS. Found In A Bottle", and "The Narrative Of Arthur Gordon Pym".

     This was the 5th comics version of this, following...
Youthful's CHILLING TALES #17 (Oct'53),
Mundial's MAESTROS DEL TERROR #5 (1970), and
Eerie's TALES OF VOODOO v5 #4 (Jun'72). 

The is the 2nd Skywald in a row with art by "Alfonso Font".

This was his 2nd of 3 Poe adaptations.

When I set this up, the interior pages were still among the MISSING.  But I figured, best thing, given the set-up of Blogger, is to set up the page anyway...on the hopes that it WILL turn up, eventually.  I do like to at least try and keep things "organized".  Well, they DID! Thanks to Cully Callaway, for providing scans from his own collection!  Don't you just love the internet?

cover by SALVADOR FABA   (Skywald Publications  /  June 1974)
"MS. FOUND IN A BOTTLE"  /  Version 5
Adaptation by Al Hewetson  /  Art by ALFONSO FONT  /  Page 16
Page 17
Page 18
Page 19
Page 20
Page 21
Eternity Comics, for a few years, was a very successful small publisher, who split their output between a number of original series, licensed series, and reprints of old comics.  This included quite of few of the Poe stories from Skywald!  "MS. FFOUND IN A BOTTLE" was reprinted here...

     THE MURDERS IN THE RUE MORGUE And Other Stories #1
cover by BROOKS HAGAN  (Eternity Comics  /  March 1989)
As a bonus, here's another cover painting by "Faba"...

cover by SALVADOR FABA   (publisher unknown)
Copyright (C) Skywald  and  the various artists.

Scan of SCREAM #6 cover from the GCD site.
Scans of SCREAM #6 interiors supplied by Cully Callaway
     with special thanks!
Scan of THE MURDERS IN THE RUE MORGUE And Other Stories #1
     from my collection.
Scan of EL CONDOR #1 cover from the Comic Art Fans site.

Restorations by Henry R. Kujawa

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