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Poe 1951, Pt. 5

(Continued from Poe 1951, Pt. 4)


Gilberton's 5th and final foray into Poe was also their 2nd all-Poe issue.

Third and final...


If the information at the GCD site is correct, "CASK" would appear to be the 2nd Poe story illustrated by Rudy Palais.  Unlike the updated EC Albert Feldstein / Graham Ingels adaptation only 4 months earlier, this one was faithful to the original Poe story.  I imagine most people are more familiar with the Roger Corman adaptation in the film "TALES OF TERROR", in which the story is combined with "THE BLACK CAT".  That probably seemed a reasonable thing to do, as both stories involve someone getting bricked up in a wall.  However, perhaps inadvertently (or perhaps not), the logic of both stories was destroyed in the combination; no such problem here.

I recall vividly when I read the original text a few years ago, I pictured actor Vincent Price in the story-- but not as the victim, but rather, the narrator meting out revenge on one who has wronged him.  Wonder of wonders, when I found the CI version here, the character of "Montressor" could easily have been based on Price!

It's perhaps fitting that after this issue, Gilberton never tackled Poe again, and the author's works instead began appearing with never-ending frequency in other company's "horror" books.

cover by ALEX A.BLUM   (Gilberton  /  June 1951)
Adaptation by ??  /  Art by RUDY PALAIS  /  Page 29
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