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Poe 1953, Pt. 1

(Continued from Poe 1952, Pt. 6)


Farrell Publications is the name of a series of American comic book publishing companies founded and operated by Robert W. Farrell in the 1940s and 1950s, including Elliot Publishing Company, Farrell Comic Group, and Excellent Publications. Farrell is particularly known for its pre-Comics Code horror comics, mostly produced by the S. M. Iger StudioFarrell also published romance, Western, adventure, superhero, and funny animal comics.  Farrell acted as editor throughout.  In addition to packaging art for Farrell from the beginning, Jerry Iger was the company's art director from 1955–1957.

You know, it's one thing for comics publishers to be doing blatent SWIPES of Edgar Allan Poe stories, as we've seen from Marvel, EC and Charlton.  But a mere 3 months after FANTASTIC v.1 #3 published John Jakes's sequel to "THE CASK OF AMONTILLADO"-- "THE OPENER OF THE CRYPT", Ajax-Farrell did a blatent SWIPE of that!  I'd first run across Jakes' story early this year via the licensed 1973 Marvel adaptation in CHAMBER OF CHILLS #4 (May'73), with Frank Brunner art.  It wasn't until now that I did some research and discovered the original short story was from 1952.  Finding out that someone had ripped off its premise so soon after it came out was rather jaw-dropping!

A special tip-of-the-hat to "The Hillbilly Of Horror" himself, Mike Cannon Jr., for pointing me at this story, and supplying me with images from a later B&W reprint of it.  As a result of further research I did as a result of this, I wound up finding no less than 8 POE comics from the early 1950s I was unaware of until now!

Mike didn't have the 1953 original, but did have a B&W reprint from 1970.

Another special tip-of-the-hat to Pete Harrison at the History of Horror FB group, for posting the location of the Eerie Horror site, which has MANY of the Eerie Publications books posted.  It was there I was finally able to find DECENT scans of this story, including the one page that was previously MISSING, and in addition, the ENTIRE 1974 remake of it!!!


cover by [IGER SHOP]   (Ajax-Farrell  /  February 1953)
     (a sequel to "THE CASK OF AMNOTILLADO")
Story & Art by [IGER SHOP]  /  Page 1
Page 2
Page 3
Page 4
Page 5
Page 6
Note how on both the covers of FANTASTIC and STRANGE FANTASY,
there's a character pressed tight against a door while terrifying creatures
approach menacingly.
Eerie Publications was one of the companies set up by el cheapo schlockmeister Myron Fass (infamously of M.F. Enterprises, who put out the android "Captain Marvel" who yelled "SPLIT!" --and then did).  While clearly meant to imitate and compete with the glorious James Warren B&W horror comics magazines (CREEPY, EERIE, etc.), instead of trying to raise the bar on quality of art and writing, these seem more aimed at the lowest possible dominator, kids who could take a perverse pleasure in being able to read shocking, brutally violent stuff that made the worst excesses of the early-1950s seem tame by comparison.  Ironically, the covers tended to be far more brutal, violent & shocking than anything inside.

Here's the issues that reprinted "Demon In The Dungeon"...

WEIRD  v.3  1  [v.2  5]
cover by CARL BURGOS   (Eerie Publications  /  January 1968)
cover by BILL ALEXANDER   (Eerie Publications  /  March 1970)
cover by JOHNNY BRUCK   (Eerie Publications  /  June 1971)
The 4th Eerie Pub. to feature this story actualy had the art redone from scratch by artist Cirilo Munoz.  All the other "reprints" on this list contained the original Iger Shop art.

cover by ??   (Eerie Publications  /  February 1974)
cover by ??   (Gredown  /  January 1978)
TORMENTS OF HELL  [one-shot]
cover by ??   (Gredown / Boraig  /  1984)
cover by ??   (PS Artbooks  /  May 2015)
Copyright (C) the various artists & publishers.

Scans of STRANGE FANTASY #4 cover from the Heritage Auctions site.

Scans of TERROR TALES v.2 #2
     supplied by "The Hillbilly of Horror", Mike Cannon Jr.
     with special thanks!
Scans of WEIRD v.3 #1 (v.2 #5) from the Eerie Horror site
     with special thanks to Pete Harrison for locating the site!

Scan of FANTASTIC v.1 #3 from the Pulp site.
Scan of WEIRD v.3 #1 from the Aus Reprints site.
Scan of TERROR TALES v.2 #2 from the Facetasm site.
Scan of WITCHES TALES v.3 #3 from the Aus Reprints site.
Scan of TERROR TALES v.6 #1 from the Aus Reprints site.
Scan of PIT OF EVIL #8 from the Aus Reprints site.
Scan of TORMENTS OF HELL from the Aus eprints site.
     from the Bud's Art Books site.

Restorations by Henry R. Kujawa

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