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Poe 1954, Pt. 5

(Continued from Poe 1954, Pt. 4)


BOYS' LIFE, the publication of the Boy Scouts of America, was first published in March 1911.  Their first "Comics" section debuted in July 1940, with reprints of then-popular newspaper strips, including "Bringing Up Father", "Felix", "Tippy and Cap Stubbs", "Krazy Kat" and "Popeye".  Although other features appeared from time to time, including the long-running "Scouts In Action" (which made its debut in January 1947) and many comics-style advertisements, it was only with the September 1952 issue that a COLOR comics section made its debut, the work of the Johnstone & Cushing advertising agency.  Among the long-running color features were "Space Conquerors!", which ran for 20 years, and "Stories From The Bible", which has been running, apart from a couple of interruptions, for 62 years!

In 1954, other regular comics features included "Heroes Of Legend", "How To Make It", "Frontier Tales / Kam Of The Ancient Ones", "Pee Wee Harris", "Rocky Stoneaxe", "Scouts In Action", "Story of The Month", "Tip Calaman", "The Tracy Twins", and "Wilderness Ways".  In addition to these, miscellaneous other features cropped up from time to time.

One of these was "THE GOLD BUG".  The magazine ran a series of "Bank Street Classics" which adapted classic novels into an absurdly-truncated 16 pages each during the period from February 1990 to November 2001, but this was 36 years before that.  While the Gilberton / CLASSICS ILLUSTRATED adaptation had been cover-featured and run 12 pages, this one was only 2 !!!  I'm reminded of a comment made by George Harrison in an interview, when he said, "Sometimes it takes 6 minutes to tell a story, and then someone will say, that's good, now, can you tell it in 2 ?"

cover by ??   (Boy Scouts Of America  /  July 1954)
"THE GOLD BUG"  /  Version 3
Adaptation & Art by HENRY SHARP  /  Page 28
Page 29
Okay, here's one that cracks me up.  I've seen many different visual depictions of William Legrand.  But can it be just a coincidence that in the 1956 film "MANFISH" (as loose a film adaptation as one could possibly imagine) that the nearest equivalent character, "Walter Fenton", should be played by Victor Jory-- who is damn-near a dead-ringer for Henry Sharp's version from 1954?  (Look at those eyes!)
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Scans of BOYS' LIFE from the Boys' Life / Wayback Machine website

Restorations by Henry R. Kujawa

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