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FRONTIER Tales, 1953

(Continued from KIT CARSON, 1953)

LEE AMES did OLD TIMER TALES OF KIT CARSON, which evolved into KIT CARSON TALES, in BOYS' LIFE magazine from May 1951-May 1953.  It went from B&W to 2-color to 4-color, from being narrated by "The Old Timer" to Kit Carson himself, and from having a high level of violence & killing involving Native American Indians to less violence with white villains.

And then it was gone, replaced in June 1953 with FRONTIER TALES, an "anthology" series that told various stories about the early days of the European settlers in America.  I'm posting this straight on from KIT CARSON because even though there is no real connection (other than it being a historical feature), it features LEE AMES on the art.  (Well, for a while, anyway...)

June 1953  /  Episode 1  /  "The Opening Of The West"
story & art by LEE AMES

July 1953    /  Episode 2  /  "Across The Great Divide!"
August 1953  /  Episode 3  /  ["Over The Chiholm Trail"]
This particular episode is interesting, in that 4 months later, it apparently served as inspiration for the setting of the series KAM OF THE ANCIENT ONES, which FRONTIER TALES morphed into.

September 1953  /  Episode 4  /  ["The Great Cliff Dwellings"]
Lee Ames' name disappears from the series.  Looking over the art, I suspect this was actually Ames' final episode, as a new name appears on the December 1953 installment, in a notably different style.

October 1953  /  Episode 5  /  "Commodore Perry Opens Japan"
There was no "FRONTIER TALES" in the November 1953 issue.

December 1953  /  Episode 6  /  "The Discovery Of Christmas Island"
story & art by JOE KING
(Continued in FRONTIER TALES, 1954  /  eventually)

Copyright (C) 1953 by Boys' Life magazine

Raw scans from the Boys' Life / Wayback Machine website
Restorations by Henry R. Kujawa

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