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Jules Verne, Part 27

(Continued from Jules Verne, Part 26)

DARK HORSE CLASSICS  (Dark Horse Comics  /  1992)  Part 2

First Comics was a successful "small" publisher in the 80's, until they teamed with Berkeley to do CLASSICS ILLUSTRATED.  They'd been over-expanding for some time, but the new deal, which involved a series of brand-new, "prestige format" adaptations, many with fully-painted color, pushed them over the edge into bankruptcy.  It might have worked, if they'd limited themselves to 1 such book a month-- instead of 4 or more...!

One of the books announced but cancelled wound up being published some time later by Dark Horse Comics, who seemed to understand more about "limited" runs.  The project was scaled down to a standard comic-book format, printed in B&W on newsprint paper.  Kind of a shame, as according to his website, artist Gary Gianni spent "over a year" working on the book-- with STUNNING results!

Cover by GARY GIANNI   (Dark Horse Comics  /  1992)
Adaptation & art by GARY GIANNI

"Our story continues..."

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(Continued in Jules Verne, Part 28)

Dark Horse Classics (C) Dark Horse Comics, Inc.
Adaptation & Artwork (C) 1992 Gary Gianni 

Scans from my collection

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