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Poe 1967, Pt. 3

(Continued from Poe 1967, Pt. 2)


     (IN COLOR  w/ English Translation)

Editora Continental / Outubro / Taika were 3 names used by the same small publisher in Brazil.  The work of artists Jayme Cortez & Miguel Penteado, they produced some wonderful comics, many of them in the horror genre, each doing many gorgeous, stunning cover paintings!

I have discovered, between my own researches and the IMMENSE help of artist and fellow fan Toni Rodrigues, that Continental / Outubro / Taika during their run produced at least 25 POE adaptations-- MORE than Skywald or Warren !!  It's my intention to compile, clean up, TRANSLATE and COLOR every one of these for my POE blog project!!

8th in line, is a rather questionable item...


This was the only comics version of this story I have found, and as I type this, I have yet to determine exactly WHICH story of POE's this is adapted from-- if any.  I wouldn't even have included it in this project, if the splash page didn't distinctly say "Adaptacao Conto De Edgar Allan Poe" on it.

Taika's ALBUM CLASSICOS DE TERROR was a series that picked up some 6 years after Continental & Outubro's CLASSICOS DE TERROR ended.  The scans I found were from the all-reprint ALMANAQUE CLASSICOS DE TERROR #15 (1973).  I really don't know at the moment where this story originally appeared.  However, since every issue of ALBUM CLASSICOS DE TERROR I've run across has had at least 1 POE story in it, it seems reasonable that it was probably one of the first 3 issues, none of which has yet turned up in any form.

The art this time is by Luis Meri Quevedo.  It took me some time before I stumbled across his full name, along with a brief bio, at the Guia Dos Quadrinhos database site...

"Signed both "Luiz Meri" and "Luiz Quevedo". It is an Argentine comic artist well known for his work done in Brazil in the 60s for publishers like D'Art and Taika. In the latter, launched en 1966 along with fellow Argentine Osvaldo Talo, a new hero, eccentric name and uniform idem, blue and full of black rivets. His name was Fantastic, created custom for Renê Figueiredo editor. Meri was also the first writer of "Mirza" Eugenio Colonnese in 1967."
     --Antônio Luiz Ribeiro

This was his only POE story.

cover by ??   (Editora Taika  /  Brazil  /  1967)
     (cover image not yet available)
     ("NO!")  /  Version 1
Story & Art by LUIS MERI QUEVEDO  /  Page 1
Page 2
Page 3
Page 4
Page 5
Page 6
cover by ??  (Editora Taika  /  Brazil  /  1974)

Copyright (C) Luis Meri  &  Editora Taika.
English Translation & New Color Copyright (C) 2016 Henry R. Kujawa


     from the Quadri Brasil site.

Restorations by Henry R. Kujawa

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