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Poe 1880, Pt. 2

(Continued from Poe 1880, Pt. 1) 

     (Gallery of Illustrations)

I'm including a bonus gallery of illustrations by various artists over the decades.

"THE RAVEN" by unknown   (1852)
"THE RAVEN" by Edward Henry Wehnert   (1856)
"THE RAVEN" by John Tenniel   (1858)
"THE RAVEN" by Edouard Manet   (1875)
"THE RAVEN" by Odilon Redon   (1882)
"THE RAVEN" by W. Heath Robinson   (1900)
"THE RAVEN" by Alberto Martini   (1905)
"THE RAVEN" by Edmund Dulac   (1912)
"THE RAVEN" Hugo Steiner-Prag   (1922)
"THE RAVEN" by Virgil Finlay   (September 1939)
"THE RAVEN" by ??  /  Cadmeon LP   (1960)
"THE RAVEN" by Russell Hoban   (1963)
"THE RAVEN" by Ivor Abrahams   (1976)
"THE RAVEN" by Greg Hildebrandt   (1986)
"THE RAVEN" by Jayme Cortez   (1988)
"THE RAVEN" by Matt Groening   (1990)
"THE RAVEN" by Dawn Brown   (2005)
"THE RAVEN" by Dirk Rudolph   (2006)
"THE RAVEN" by Abigail Larson   (2009)
"THE RAVEN" by Anne Bachelier   (2012)
"THE RAVEN" by Lorenzo Mattotti   (2012)
"THE RAVEN" by David G. Fores   (2013)
"LENORE IN LAVENDAR MOONLIGHT" by Laura Milnor Iverson   (2013)
     by Laura Milnor Iverson   (2013)
"THE RAVEN" by Cameron Hampton   (2014)
"THE RAVEN" by Mike Penn / "Madadman"   (2014)
"THE RAVEN" by Shannon Maer   (2014)
"THE RAVEN" by Michael Grant Kellermeyer   (2015)

"THE RAVEN" by Tomer Hanuka   (2016)
"THE RAVEN" by John Coulthart   (2017)
"THE RAVEN" by "Cyber Raven"   (2018)
Copyright (C) the various artists.

     Scans of "The Raven" by:
unknown (1852) from the site,
Edward Henry Wehnert (1856) from the Pinterest site,
John Tenniel (1858) from the Old Book Illustration site,
Edouardo Manet (1875) from the Worthpoint and Wikipedia sites,
Odilon Redon (1882) from the Curiator site
W. Heath Robinson (1900) from the eBooksAdelaideEduAu site,
Alberto Martini (1905) from the Enchanted Booklet site,
Edmund Dulac (1912) from the Poul Webb_Art & Artists site,
Hugo Steiner-Prag (1922) from the Scott Lindberg / Flickr site,
Virgil Finlay (1952) from the Cricket Muse site,
Cadmeon LP (1960) from the Discogs site,
Russell Hoban (1963) from the Ragged Claws site,
Ivor Abrahams (1976) from the Tate Org UK site,
Greg Hildebrandt (1986) from MY collection,
Jayme Cortez (1988) from the Jayme Cortez Illustration site,
Matt Groening (1990) from the Noiseless Chatter, Humor In America
     & Dtsft sites,
Dawn Brown (2005) from MY collection,
Dirk Rudoph (2006) from MY collection,
Abigail Larson (2009) from the Deviant Art site,
Anne Bachelier (2012) from the CMF Gallery site,
David G. Fores (2013) from the Deviant Art site,
Laura Milnor Iverson (2018?) from the and sites.
Cameron Hampton (2014) from the Cameron site,
Mike Penn  /  "Madadman" (2014) from the Deviant Art site,
Shannon Maer (2014) from the Deviant Art site,
Michael Grant Kellermeyer (2015) from the Deviant Art site,
Tomer Hanuka (2016) from the Biblioklept site,
John Coulthart (2017) from the John site,  and
"Cyber Raven" (1018) from the Deviant Art site.

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(Continued in Poe 1881)

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