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Bible Heroes, 2008

(Continued from 2007)

"Righteous Kings" continues.  Having begun the previous month with "Asa", it then covers the stories of "Jehosaphat", "Jehoram", "Joash", "Hezekiah" and "Josiah".  I'm frankly astonished that it took over 54 YEARS before the BOYS' LIFE series covered most of this material!  Only "Hezekiah" and "Josiah" had been covered before, in 1983, and 1993 (both times by Frank Bolle).

These stories, I have determined, take place between the stories of "Elisha" and "Daniel".  They'd been skipped over in 1962, 1972, 1983 and 1993.

Jehoram being inspired to murder his brothers, and one heir, Joash, surviving by being hidden, reminds me a lot of the story from Greek mythology of Jason, whose father was murdered by his uncle Pelias.  The difference here being, it was the murderer's WIFE who urged him to do it, rather than Zeus, king of the gods, and there doesn't seem to have been any sort of sea-going "quest" involved in the resolution of the problem, a generation later.  Jehoram's wife, Queen Athaliah, sure seems to have been an evil B****, doesn't she?  Amazing that the worst that happened to her was being kicked off the throne and exiled.

Next up is "Daniel" (the 7th time going back to 1956), "Jonah" (the 5th time going back to February 1963) and, finally, "Esther" (only the 3rd time going back to May 1956).

After 8 years on the BIBLE HEROES series, 2008 would prove to be Anthony Castrillo's final one doing the art.  A major change occured with the December 2008 episode, which is why I'm ending this page one month early.

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