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Bible Heroes, 2007

(Continued from 2006)

This year begins with a new version of "Gideon".  This was only the 3rd time the material had been covered in BOYS' LIFE, going way back to June 1960.  Seeing as the last time this was tackled was 1970, it would seem the BL series has decided to start doing some of the more obscure stories again.

I've also noticed that the Copyright for the book "Heroes From The Bible" disappeared some time ago, and this apparently coincided with the use of modern colloquialisms disappearing from the dialogue as well.  I guess BIBLE HEROES has actually returned to the earlier style, despite the modern ("generic superhero") art.

Next up is "Samson", the 5th time the story has been done in BL, going back to May 1955Anthony Castrillo had already done it 6 years earlier in 2001.  It's interesting to compare the two versions, for while Castrillo's art seems to have "calmed down" and become less cartoony, the coloring has gotten more "overdone" and over-powering.

"Samuel" (4th time going back to November 1960),  "David And Goliath" (8th time going all the way back to October 1952), and "David The King" (7th time going back to August 1953) follow.  Finally, in a surprising move, rather than continuing straight into "Solomon", instead, the year ends with the beginning of "Righteous Kings", which jumps far ahead to material being covered in this series here for the very 1ST time!

Story by (??)  /  Art by ANTHONY CASTRILLO
BOYS' LIFE  /  January 2007
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(Continued in 2008)

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