Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Bible Heroes, 2002

(Continued from 2001)

This year starts with a brand-new retelling of the story of "Noah".  This was the 9th time this material had been covered in the BL series, going back all the way to January 1953.  The story of "Isaac, Esau & Jacob" follows, the 7th time it was covered, going back to September 1957.

After another gap appeared in February 2002, followed by no further episode for May, June, July and August (all 4 filled by "Religious Emblems" installments), I was wondering if the series had finally come to an end, and was ready to include all 3 parts of "Noah" on the previous year's page.  However, it seems that still-new artist Anthony Castrillo has only been doing 6 episodes a year (for 2001, 2002 and 2003-- as far as I've gotten as of this typing).  Was this due to his schedule, or a deliberate decision on the part of the BOYS' LIFE editor?

There continue to be several instances where the text is difficult to read, either because of superimposing the wrong text color over a background color, or background details rubbing up against the lettering.  I don't know about anyone else, but I call this "BAD design".

Story by Carolyn Larsen  /  Art by ANTHONY CASTRILLO
BOYS' LIFE  /  January 2002
No BIBLE HEROES for February 2002

BOYS' LIFE  /  March 2002
BOYS' LIFE  /  April 2002
No BIBLE HEROES for May-August 2002

BOYS' LIFE  /  September 2002
BOYS' LIFE  /  October 2002
BOYS' LIFE  /  November 2002
No BIBLE HEROES for December 2002

(Continued in 2003)

"Based on the book "Heroes Of The Bible" by Carolyn Larsen.  (C) 1998 Baker Book House Company."
Copyright (C) BOY'S LIFE Magazine
Restorations by Henry Kujawa

See the Anthony Castrillo gallery at Comic Art Fans

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