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Poe 1886

(Continued from Poe 1884) 

LENORE   (1886)
     (w/ Gallery Of Illustrations)

"Illustrated" books for short stories or poems were a big thing in the 1880s.

Another one I found posted online was done for one of Poe's lesser-known poems...


Starting life under the title "A PAEAN", Poe revised this poem several times until its final form, so that it is usually listed as a separate work.

The theme of the death of a beautiful woman is a common one for Poe, and also turns up in other poems including "ANNABEL LEE",  "EULALIE", "THE RAVEN",  "ULALUME", and his short stories "BERENIE",  "ELEONORA", and "MORELLA".

The scans for this were so nice, I knew I had to set up a page for it.  Together with "THE BELLS" (which I actually bought a cheap copy of), this in turn inspired me to do more research and decide to set up MORE such pages, and even look to buy a couple more books.

A very special "THANK YOU!" to "Alexander", at the Book Graphics blog, for posting these wonderful images.

Oddly enough, as of 4-28-2018, this is the ONLY illustrated version of this poem
I have found!


cover by HENRY SANDHAM   (Estes & Lauriat  /  Boston  /  1886)
"LENORE"  /  Version 1
     Art by HENRY SANDHAM,  A.R.A.
Page 1
Page 2
Page 3
Page 4
Page 5
Page 6
Page 7
Page 8
Page 9
Page 10
Page 11
Page 12
Page 13
Henry Sandham.
I'm including a bonus gallery of illustrations by various artists over the decades.

"LENORE" by W. Heath Robinson   (1900)
"LENORE" by Edmund Dulac   (1912)
"LENORE" by Ivor Abrahams   (1976)
"LENORE" by Greg Hildebrandt   (1986)
"LENORE" by Abigail Larson   (2009)
"LENORE" by Anne Bachelier   (2012)
"LENORE" by Disezno   (2013)
Copyright (C) 1884 Estes & Lauriat  and  Henry Sandham.

Scans of "LENORE" (1886) from the Book Graphics blog,
     with special thanks to "Alexander".
Scans of other editions from the Ebay and Abe Books sites.
Photo of Henry Sandham from the Wikipedia site.

Scan of "Lenore" by
     W. Heath Robinson (1900) from the EBooks@Adelaide site,
     Edmund Dulac (1912) from the Poul Webb / Art & Artists blog,
     Ivor Abrahams (1976) from the Take.Org.UK site,
     Greg Hildebrandt (1986) from MY collection,
     Abigail Larson (2009) from the Deviant Art site,
     Anne Bachelier (2012) from the Frank Zumbach site, and
     Disezno (2013) from the Deviant Art site.

Restorations by Henry R. Kujawa

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See the LENORE animated cartoon.

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