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Poe 1979, Pt. 3

(Continued from Poe 1979, Pt. 2)

     (English translation)

So, did you think Jeff Bonivert's art was really wild and off-the-wall?
Wait until you see this...

I've been finding more and more foreign POE comics adaptations, many of them that have NEVER been published in America-- or even in English!  I've made it my goal to correct that situation.

Ediciones de la Urraca  ("Editions of the Magpie") was an Argentina publisher from 1974-2001, the work of Andrés Cascioli.  One of his magazines was EL PENDULO  ("The Pendulum"), which ran from 1979-91.

The 2nd issue featured one of the less-popular POE stories...  

      This was the 3rd comics version of this story, following...
Taika's ALBUM CLASSICOS DE TERROR #6 (1968), and  
Skywald's NIGHTMARE #19 (Jun'74)
     ...the latter some 5 years earlier.

Alberto Breccia was a cartoonist who was born in Uruguay, at a young age moved to Argentina, and who really started to make headway in his career by being published in Italy.  This was the 2nd of 6 POE adaptations he did.  While his first was originally published in Italy, his 2nd was published in his homeland, Argentina.  

Like the previous one, I believe this has never been translated into English... UNTIL NOW.  Unlike the previous one, which was done in a rather bizarre but still "traditional" line-art style, his other 5 POEs were all done as full-color paintings, and using some of the WEIRDEST, most AVANT-GARDE stylings I have ever seen.  Let me put it this way:  the following pages probably look less as home in a comics magazine than they would in New York's "Museum Of Modern Art".

ENJOY-- if you can!!!

cover by ??   (Ediciones De La Urraca  /  Argentina  /  October 1979)
"WILLIAM WILSON"  /  Version 3
Adaptation by Guillermo Saccomanno  /  Art by ALBERTO BRECCIA
English Translation & New Lettering by Henry Kujawa  /  Page 1
Page 2
Page 3
Page 4
Page 5
Page 6
Page 7
Page 8
Page 9
Page 10
Page 11
Despite an absolute minimum of text, this one somehow was more difficult than usual to do a sensible translation of.  For the death scene, page 10, panel 3, there was not only too much text to fit in the available space, but what came out of the translator MADE NO SENSE.  So, once again (as I did with the finale of the Luiz Saidenberg "Black Cat"), I went straight to the original story and QUOTED Poe's text vebatim.

Copyright (C) Albert Breccia.
English Translation Copyright (C) 2015 Henry R. Kujawa.

Scan of EL PENDULO #2 cover from  the Mercado Livre site.
Scans of EL PENDULO #2 interiors from the Caprichosdecomic blog.
     Special thanks to "Carlitos".
Scan of EL PENDULO #2 page 4 from the Mas Historietas Argentinas site.
Scan of EL PENDULO #2 page 8 from the Mitchul site.
Scan of EL PENDULO #2 page 11 from the La Duendes site.

Restorations by Henry R. Kujawa

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