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Poe 1968, Pt. 14

(Continued from Poe 1968, Pt. 13)


     (IN COLOR  w/ English Translation)

Editora Continental / Outubro / Taika were 3 names used by the same small publisher in Brazil.  The work of artists Jayme Cortez & Miguel Penteado, they produced some wonderful comics, many of them in the horror genre, each doing many gorgeous, stunning cover paintings!

I have discovered, between my own researches and the IMMENSE help of artist and fellow fan Toni Rodrigues, that Continental / Outubro / Taika during their run produced at least 25 POE adaptations-- MORE than Skywald or Warren !!  It's my intention to compile, clean up, TRANSLATE and COLOR every one of these for my POE blog project!!

23rd in line, the debut of a somewhat obscure poem...

     "TO HELEN".

I first saw mention of this in a listing for ALMANAQUE CLASSICOS DE TERROR #12 (1976).  Not long after I discovered it originally appeared here.  But as of 8-13-2016, I hadn't seen a single page of it yet.  (But at least the blog page was set up.)  Both the cover and the story information were supplied by Nikki Nixon, a contributor to the GDQ, who has my thanks!

Once again, I feel like Hercule Poirot, trying to piece together things from bits of information that slowly keep surfacing.

Well!  On 4-23-2017 I ran across the reprint posted at the "Papel Digital" blog.  The scans were not so hot, but my guess is, the reproduction quality of the reprint was really the problem.  It was ABYSMAL.  Still, at least now I have it.  

I decided that between the poor quality of the images, and the 3rd-rate art to begin with, to do the least amount of clean-up possible, and also make the coloring SIMPLER than usual.

But I did get inspired when I replaced the sloppy lettering in the title panel!

The artist here is Juarez Odilon.  He did a lot of work, both stories and cover paintings, for Continental / Outubro in the early 60s.

This was his 2nd of 2 POE stories. 

cover by PRIMAGGIO MANTOVI   (Editora Taika  /  Brazil  /  1968)
     ("TO HELEN"  /  Version 1)
Adaptation by Francisco De Assis  /  Art by JUAREZ ODILON  /  Page 1
Page 2
Page 3
Page 4
Page 5
Taika reprint covers rarely have anything to do with any of the stories inside.  However, this one looks like it was specifically done to illustrate "HELENA".

cover by SERGIO LIMA   (Editora Taika  /  Brazil  /  1976)
I'm including a bonus gallery of illustrations by various artists over the decades.

"HELEN OF TROY" by Evelyn de Morgan   (1898)

"TO HELEN" by W. Heath Robinson   (1900)
"TO HELEN" by Edmund Dulac   (1912)
"TO HELEN" by Hugo Steiner-Prag   (1922) 
Copyright (C) Juarez Odilon  &  Editora Outubro.
English Translation & new color Copyright (C) 2016 Henry R. Kujawa.


     from the Guia Dos Quadrinhos site
     with special thanks to Nikki Nixon!
Scan of ALMANAQUE CLASSICOS DE TERROR #12 cover (1976)
     from the Quadri Brazil site.

     from the Papel Digital blog  
     with special thanks to "Elioch2016
     and/or "mangas e desenhos hentais".

     Scans of "To Helen" by...
Evelyn De Morgan (1989) from the Epresszonjalili CafeblogHu site,

W. Heath Robinson (1900) from the EBooks@Adelaide site,
Edmund Dulac (1912) from Poul Webb / Art & Artists blog, and
Hugo Steiner-Prag (1922) from the Flickr site
     with thanks to Scott Lindberg. 

Restorations by Henry R. Kujawa.

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(Continued in Poe 1968, Pt. 15)

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