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I've considered starting a separate blog just for getting on a soapbox about things that bug me... but for now, I'm just going to put this on the regular blog.  Pardon the "interruption"...

For the last couple weeks, I have been running into the WEIRDEST glitch on my blogs.  I find that I can upload 2 IDENTICAL files, and they show up looking different.  Sometimes I'll remove one version of an image with an updated one, and inexplicably, the new one will be MUCH darker, even though in other programs (Photoshop, Super JPG viewer) it looks the same.  I've even uploaded the IDENTICAL file onto 2 different pages of the blog, and they look very different.  HOW CAN THIS BE?  What the hell is going on?

It's getting so I can't even trust uploading an image to look at to doible-check what it "really" looks like anymore... 

It's very annoying, because I'm so exhaustively particular about exactly how bright or dark I make the colors on my restorations.

Then about 2 weeks back, I was upgrading a "Bible" episode with fuller skin tones (I had to download a new copy from the BL site to do it).  All of a sudden, the ENTIRE image went darker-- but, this was only visible on the blog.  Other images around the new one were as bright as weve.

Last night I set up a new "Sub-Mariner" page which would collect all his early-60's cover appearances.  On a regular website (like Nick Simon's Silver Age Marvel, which has been down for 2-1/2 years), you'd have ONE version of any file, and it could appear anyplace you wanted when you wrote the code.  But with Blogger, as far as I know, you have to upload more than one copy of something to get it to appear on more than one page.  I'm wondering if somehow, this might be connected.

Right now, for example, FF #9 and DD #7 look perfectly fine on their respective pages, but on the Subby page, both are way too dark-- which is especially noticable in the graytones.  The B&W newspaper image on DD #7, the one on the Subby page you can barely see the picture.

Well, it's "nice" to know I'm not the only one.

Just found this at a Blogger forum (which itself was NOT easy to find)...

I see that not only my new pictures are automatically (poor) enhanced, but also the images from older blogs. How is that possible without notification to the owners of the pictures? I (and a lot of my co-bloggers too) am very sad about this. We are a group of photographers and quality is very important to us. Why is that tag set to "automatically enhance YES"? 


Im NotBad 
I never had this issue before, but I noticed when uploading images to blogger, the tint of all photos is changed a lot. My main page image has the same color background as my post backgrounds. Just the other day I noticed my main image was darker and off-color. Had to host my main image elsewhere and the colors are fine. I then added all sorts of images to blogger to test it and every image I add is having its color changed automatically, either darker, some were more red, some were more yellow. Other site's I upload to aren't having this issue so it can't be something I'm doing wrong. It's a very noticeable problem. I attached a comparison pic. Is this something that can be fixed ?!?!?  Or at least addressed.

Her Ugliness 

Okay, I just experienced something really weird with blogger:
I was just about to write a post and uploaded a photo from my computer to blogger as I have been doing for the past 2 years, but the photo turned out to look completely wrong. The contrast was much higher and the image was darker. This has never happened to me before, and no matter how often I try to re-upload images (I also tried re-saving them on my computer) it always turns out weird like this.

This is not just concerning a certain set of photos. I just tried to re-upload old photos I had already used in my blog posts in the past, and back then also uploaded directly via bologger, into blog posts and they too look different than before.

jaine kershner

Everything was working just fine yesterday, but when i go to upload my images today, they are coming in darker, yellow-ish and pixelated. none-of my settings have changed on my blog or computer. How do I fix this??

Here's an answer they posted...   

Google Plus now integrate the Auto Enhance feature which automatically edit your uploaded pictures (adjust the brightness, saturation level...add filters). To disable this feature:
  • Connect to your Google + account.
  • Click on Home > Settings.
  • Scroll to the "Auto Enhance" section.
  • Uncheck "Automatically enhance new photos".
  • Click on the "Back to Google+" link.

I've used Photoshop-- and a pile of other programs-- enough to know, ANYTHING "auto" SUCKS BEYOND ALL BELIEF.

Someone showed me how to use "levels" in Photoshop, which allows you to adjust an entire image by clicking on a white area.  There is an option, "auto levels".  Never, NEVER, EVER use that.  Utterly worthless.

WHO-- THE FUCK!!!!!!!!-- comes up with SHIT like this???? 

After a bit of searching, I found the "auto enhance" thing-- and UNCLICKED it.

We'll see how this goes...

I posted my previous reply... along with the folowing postscript...

(Oh yes-- THANK YOU for the technical reply. But it should never have been NECESSARY in the first place.)

Summing up:  I checked, and it's WORKING FINE now.  This still doesn't negate how REALLY PISSED OFF it made me. The world is a challenging enough place, without TOTAL ASSHOLES needlessly FUCKING it over for everybody else on a daily basis.

We now return you to our regularly scheduled blog, already in progress... 

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