Thursday, November 3, 2011

And The Ever-Lovin' Thing

In The Human Torch series in STRANGE TALES, Reed, Sue & Ben had been regular supporting characters from the very beginning, appearing in almost every episode (maybe every episode, I just don't feel like double-checking). It's been suggested at, at some point, it occured to someone that The Thing was the REAL "break-out star" of the F.F., not The Torch.  And so, starting with ST #124 (Sep'64), The name of the series was changed from "Johnny Storm, The Human Torch" to "The Human Torch And The Ever-Lovin' Thing".

Here's the covers I've done snazzy "restorations" on so far...

STRANGE TALES 126  /  art by Jack Kirby & Chic Stone   (November 1964)

art by Jack Kirby & Chic Stone (and Steve Ditko)   (December 1964)
STRANGE TALES 128  /  art by Jack Kirby & Frank Giacoia   (January 1965)
STRANGE TALES 129  /  art by Jack Kirby & Chic Stone   (February 1965)
art by Bob Powell & Mike Esposito (and Steve Ditko)   (April 1965)
art by Bob Powell & Mike Esposito (and Steve Ditko)   (May 1965)
STRANGE TALES 132  /  fantasy cover by Henry Kujawa / art by Steve Ditko
STRANGE TALES 133  /  art by Jack Kirby & Mike Esposito   (June 1965)
More as I go!

Artwork (C) Marvel Comics
Scans from my collection
Restorations by Henry R. Kujawa


  1. Good god, man, why did yo stop just before you showed the penultimate Thing/Torch cover from Strange Tales #134, with the HUGE head of the Watcher dominating the cover?
    Instead, you chose to waste time and space with a mock-up cover to #132??? I can see where you got the bottom half, but where did you find the top half of Dr. Strange to share?

  2. Well, Kirk, he did say "More as I go" so it's a good bet Strange Tales #134 will turn up here sooner rather than later.

    btw I don't agree that mock-up covers are a "waste of time and space" ... I love 'em, and would like to see more.