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Poe 1965, Pt. 3

(Continued from Poe 1965, Pt. 2)


     (A Movie Classic  /  Conclusion)

Dell Comics were, for many years, the single BIGGEST comics publisher in the country.  Their material was so aggressively family-oriented, that they never even got involved with the Comics Code (and had no problems with distribution, apparently).  Much of their output was in "licensed" characters and series, as well as movie adaptations.  Which brings us to this one.

We come now to the concluding section of the 4th of 5 Dell "Movie Classics" devoted to American International Pictures' POE series, which features an adaptation of the 8th of 8 films in that series directed by Roger Corman.  (Confused enough?)  This features an adaptation that had not been done before in comics...


The film, only loosely based no the original short story, in some ways could be easily compared to Corman's "PIT AND THE PENDULUM", in that, in many ways, the story is almost a sort of "best of Poe", borrowing elements from several different stories at once and combining them in new ways.  Also, in total contrast to the studio-bound gothic horror of "Masque", "Ligeia" is essentially a love story, combined with a mystery, with hints of the supernatural thrown in for good measure.

When I say "mystery", I'm not kidding.  It's not until the climax of the film that you really, finally find out exactly what's been going on the for whole story (something it shares with both "PIT" and "THE PREMATURE BURIAL").  And in keeping with it being a love story, the comics adaptation has art by 2 men whose best work may have been in the romance genre-- John Tartaglione, and Vince Colletta!

cover by John Tartaglione & Vince Colletta   (Dell  /  April-June 1965)
"THE TOMB OF LIGEIA"  /  Version 1
Adaptation by ??  /  Art by John Tartaglione & Vince Colletta
Page 23  /  "And now... the EPIC conclusion!"
Page 24
Page 25
Page 26
Page 27
Page 28
Page 29
Page 30
Page 31
Page 32
And that brings a close to the Roger Corman POE adaptations.  This gets my vote for the BEST of the 5 Dell POE Movie Classics, and possibly the BEST work I have ever seen from either John Tartaglione & Vince Colletta.  (Any idea who wrote the adaptation?  It certainly follows the movie more than most.)

There would be 1 more AIP POE adapted to comics after this,
and with the artist involved.


cover by John Tartaglione & Vince Colletta   (Dell  /  January 15, 1966)
Finally, as a bonus, here's an interpretation of
     Vincent Price as Verden Fell by artist Sean McCaffrey.
Copyright (C) 1964 by Alta Vista Productions.

     from the Heritage Auction site.
Scan of Poe's THE TOMB OF LIGEIA interiors
     from the Destination Nightmare site.
     from the Mercado Livre site.
Scan of Verden Fell painting thanks to Sean McCaffrey.

Restorations by Henry R. Kujawa

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