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Poe 1949, Pt. 1

(Continued from Poe 1947, Pt. 6)


SUNDAY PIX was a long-running weekly newspaper-style comics section published by David C. Cook for churches and Sunday schools.  It was available by subscriptions, but was not usually sold on newsstands or at comic-book shops.

For decades, its cover-feature was various stories from The Bible.  However, early in its run, the covers features "Classic" stories.  And the very first of these was...

"THE GOLD BUG" of Edgar Allan Poe's most popular stories, perhaps because rather than horror, it was a combination mystery-adventure.

It was some time into this project before I even became aware of this version, and it's been some challenge tracking down scans of it.  As it happens, so far, the ONLY scans I've been able to find were the usual small ones posted at the Grand Comics Database site (GCD), and that's only because of the luck that the story was serialized on the front pages!  So far, my attempts to track down the person who had their hands on these to scan them, any editor at the GCD who might have access to larger scans, or the actual magazines themselves so
I could do my own scans, have met with nothing but dead ends.  MANY issues of SUNDAY PIX can be found for sale at Ebay... but so far, none this early in the run.

Only a week after promoting this page (7-12-2018), I was contacted by Keith Morgan (alias "Super Scrounge"), who told me how I could access the full-size scans at the GCD.  Strangely, I was unable to do this... but Keith did, and e-mailed me the 12 (of 13) he was able to grab.  I've now (7-20-18) upgraded the images for #3-14, so people (including me) can actually read this thing.

I'd still like to put out a request for help to find #1 (completely missing) and #2 (which I only have the small image of).  I never know what may turn up when.

The artist here is Joseph Wirt Tillotson, who also went by the name of "Robert Fuqua".  In addition to SUNDAY PIX, he also did quite a lot of illustrations for various pulp magazines.


(David C. Cook  /  May 1, 1949)
"THE GOLD BUG"  /  Version 1
Adaptation by David S. Piper (?)  /  Art by JOSEPH WIRT TILLOTSON
     (currently missing)

SUNDAY PIX  2   (May 8, 1949)
SUNDAY PIX  3   (May 15, 1949)
SUNDAY PIX  4   (May 22, 1949)
SUNDAY PIX  5   (May 29, 1949)
SUNDAY PIX  6   (June 5, 1949)
SUNDAY PIX  7   (June 12, 1949)
SUNDAY PIX  8   (June 19, 1949)
SUNDAY PIX  9   (June 26, 1949)
SUNDAY PIX  10   (July 3, 1949)
SUNDAY PIX  11   (July 10, 1949)
SUNDAY PIX  12   (July 17, 1949)
SUNDAY PIX  13   (July 24, 1949)
SUNDAY PIX  14   (July 31, 1949)
Copyright (C) Sunday Pix  &  Joseph Wirt Tillotson.

AMAZING STORIES  (January 1939)
Joesph Wirt Tillotson  ("Robert Fuqua")
Scan of SUNDAY PIX #2 (1949) from the GCD site.
Scans of SUNDAY PIX #3-14 (1949) from the GCD site,
     supplied by Keith Morgan (alias "Super Scrounge") with special thanks!
Scan of AMAZING STORIES (January 1939) from the Tumblr site.
Photo of Joseoph Wirt Tillotson from the Pulp site.

Restorations by Henry R. Kujawa

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(Continued in Poe 1949, Pt. 2

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