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Poe 1943

     (w/ Gallery Of Illustrations)

There have always been, for me, 4 "classic" writers of the 19th Century whose work I've admired, mostly in film adaptations, but also in the original texts, and sometimes, in comic-books.  They are Jules Verne, H.G. Wells, Arthur Conan Doyle, and Edgar Allan Poe.

Gilberton's CLASSIC COMICS contains the earliest Poe comics adaptation I've been able to find. When I started this project, I believed his work first appeared in their 21st issue-- 7 issue before Jules Verne!  Turns out, I was wrong.  That'll learn me to do a complete index of the series before-hand!

I really love the internet, and this project has given me more reason to.  In the last couple months, on several occasions, some people I've gotten to know online have pointed me at some stories I was unaware of, despite several different searches to update my index.  Well, it happened again.  Fellow fan  
Don Bearden got in touch and clued me in about a 2-page illustrated version of a poem-- "ANNABEL LEE"-- that appeared as one of the back-up features in CLASSIC COMICS #17.  It's very rare, as in most of the later reprints it was left out when Gilberton cut their page counts overall.  And when I was unable to find scans, the next day, Don e-mailed me scans he'd done from his own copy.  WOW.

By the way, if anyone can identify the artist involved, I'd appreciate it!

I briefly considered adding this as a "bonus" feature on the existing earliest page of this project ("Poe 1944, Pt. 1") but decided to give it its own page to avoid future confusion.  I also decided to hedge it a bit by making this page "1943", since with a "January 1944" cover date, it was almost sure to have come out in late 1943 anyway.  ENJOY!

cover by LOUIS ZANSKY  (The Deerslayer)  /  (Gilberton  /  January 1944)
"ANNABEL LEE"  /  Version 1
art by ROLLAND LIVINGSTONE  /  Page 52
Page 53
I'm including a bonus gallery of illustrations by various artists over the decades.

"ANNABEL LEE" by John Sartain   (1850)
"ANNABEL LEE" by W. Heath Robinson   (1900) 
"ANNABEL LEE" by Alberto Martini   (1905)
"ANNABEL LEE" by John R. Neill   (1910)
"ANNABEL LEE" by Edmund Dulac   (1912)
"ANNABEL LEE" by Greg Hildebrandt   (1986)
"ANNABEL LEE" by Ines Falcao Ferreira   (2015)
Copyright (C) The Gilberton Company, Inc.  &  the various artists.

Scan of CLASSIC COMICS #17 from the Heritage Auctions site
Scans of CLASSIC COMICS #17 interiors supplied by Don Bearden
     with Special thanks! 
Also special thanks to M. Thomas Inge for identifying the artist!

Scan of "Annabel Lee" by
     John Sartain (1850) from the Wikipedia site,
     W. Heath Robinson (1900) from the EBooks@Adelaide site,
     Alberto Martini (1905) from the Monster Brains blog,
     John R. Neill (1910) from the Worthpoint site,
     Edmund Dulac (1912) from Poul Webb / Art & Artists blog, and
     Greg Hildebrandt (1986) from MY collection,
     Ines Falcao Ferreira (2015) from the Patreon.com site.

Restorations by Henry R. Kujawa

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Gilberton's CLASSICS ILLUSTRATED are currently being reprinted--
     go to the CLASSIC COMICS STORE to BUY your own copies!!!  

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(Continued in Poe 1943, Pt. 2) 

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